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Rural Fantasy is set in the country

You’ve probably heard of urban fantasy. That’s a fantasy story that takes place in more populated areas like large cities. In rural fantasy there can be small cities and towns, but often the setting includes the countryside or wilderness. Nature exists in rural fantasy. Sometimes nature IS the setting.

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Nature inspires my fiction. I write 100-word flash fiction inspired by the nature that surrounds me here on our 160-acre property in the remote Ozarks. Most of these tiny stories started first with the photo.

If longer works are what you’re interested in, I have some short stories published and a serialized novel I’m releasing in parts. The first part is up at Amazon now and the next one will be added in a few weeks. Once you buy the first part, the rest of them will be free until that novel is complete, so no worries about having to keep paying for each new installment.

Oh, by the way. Ima Erthwitch is an alter-ego for my fiction writing. I write nonfiction under yet another one called Madison Woods. Most of my nonfiction is about plants or nature. You can find out more about that side of my writing life at my Wild Ozark blog.

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Where to Find More Rural Fantasy

So far, Amazon doesn’t have a subcategory for “rural” fantasy. I think it should. Paranormal fantasy could fall under either urban or rural.

Even though books like Mists of Avalon (Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1983) had settings with populated places like Camelot, they still had a very old-world and rural feel to them. So I put those in the Rural Fantasy category, too. I’m trying to think of more. Help me out here.

Do you have a favorite fantasy read that could be considered “rural” fantasy? If so, leave a comment and let me know the title and/or author. I’d like to curate a list here.

Some Rural Fantasy Works

Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

My Current Project

The First Hunt by Ima Erthwitch book cover.

Set in post-collapse northwest Arkansas, martial law is in effect and NATO occupies the country. Criminals are hunted down and killed three times to force them into lower incarnations. The population is deeply segmented into “workers” and “privileged”. Not only has life as she knew it ended, but it has changed in ways she can’t even imagine. Treya doesn’t think things could ever get bad enough to stoop to working for the government, but it does.


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