The rest of Chapter 3

Click here to go back to the beginning. continued… So. The keypad at the door. No one gave me the code to get in. I could see Raymond smirking down the hallway, hands in his pockets, watching. I threw my hands up in a WTF expression. He dispensed hand sanitizer from his dispenser mounted by […]

013120- Grub Stage Progress

The painting interested me, though, in a way it might not have before my title became ‘assassin’. Two dogs with bared teeth in the foreground, face to face and hackles raised. And two dogs in the background, visible beneath the jaws of the ones in front. These two were locked in mortal battle. Blood and […]

Long Overdue

I haven’t posted since earlier this year. And I suppose that’s a good indication of how much attention my fiction writing hustle has been getting. Yeah, I’ve been slacking. While I haven’t been putting words on the screen, I’ve been painting and making paints, and trying to drum up some money selling art. Let’s just […]

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