012420- Grub Stage Progress

Read the previous portion here. Go all the way to the beginning here. Just inside the door was another door with a small space like an alcove with a couple of antique plush chairs. There were no windows on the walls and a small lamp left the corners pretty dark. “Wait here,” she instructed. I looked at […]

Long Overdue

I haven’t posted since earlier this year. And I suppose that’s a good indication of how much attention my fiction writing hustle has been getting. Yeah, I’ve been slacking. While I haven’t been putting words on the screen, I’ve been painting and making paints, and trying to drum up some money selling art. Let’s just […]

Testing the new editor

The day must have finally arrived. WordPress has updated to Gutenberg. I hope this works better than the beta version I’ve been using over at the Wild Ozark website… it may be the theme I’m using there that is giving me so much grief, though. We’ll see when it comes to saving this post. If […]

Chapter 1: A.R.S.A.

1| A.R.S.A. “ID, please,” a voice said from behind me. Of course. I knew better than to loiter. Ordinarily I would have noticed someone approaching. But today my nerves were on edge. My situational awareness lagged because I let the anxiety of what I was about to do take the lead. My name is Treya. […]

Musings during tax time

I’ve had my head buried in product descriptions and ledgers this week. It’s tax time. Well, it’s been ‘tax time’ for a few months now and the deadline is looming. Hence my renewed dedication to getting it finished. I also have some Forest Folk I want to list on the Wild Ozark shop pages, but […]

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