Welcome to my collection of 100-word rural fantasy flash fiction. I’ll be adding a new story weekly. Today is Feb. 12, 2017. When I have 100 of them organized, I’ll publish the collection to Kindle.

These stories are seeds. They encapsulate a concept. A mood, or a setting. When I need them, I plant them in the fertile ground of my imagination. They sprout and become new creatures.

Perhaps the seed becomes a short story with proper short story parts. Maybe it becomes a novel.

100-Word Rural Fantasy Flash Fiction


Which came first – the story or the photo?

In most of these stories, the photo came first.

I’m a very visually inspired writer. Things that I see lead my mind down what-if roads, and often into very strange settings.

Rural fantasy flash fiction by Ima Erthwitch. Inspired by Nature.

Rural fantasy flash fiction by Ima Erthwitch. Inspired by Nature.

My 100-word FF History

Many of the scenes in my current work-in-progress are drawn from 100-word flash that I wrote over the past years as the creator of Friday Fictioneers, as Madison Woods (now an exclusively non-fiction pen name). We started out as a very small group of writers, with Susie Lindau of her self-titled Wild Ride blog, as one of the founding members, challenged by the very short form. The small group quickly grew to a fairly large network. It’s now led by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and she’s doing an incredible job of growing and improving on the idea.

If you’d like motivation to write, click here to learn more about the Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle’s been an inspirational beacon for so many writers over the years as the adoptive mother of that project.