Photo prompt for Sapphire Rhapsody by Ima Erthwitch

Sapphire Rhapsody

She rolled the pink sapphire from hand to hand, gauging the weight. Placing it to her lips, she inhaled slowly. A few stray ions lingered.


She placed the stone into her mouth on her tongue, avoiding her teeth. Touching them would have grounded the little energy she’d managed to siphon off.

Raising a small box to her mouth, she deposited the reenergized jewel inside. Fractured light burst through the sheer mica top, particle and wave both playing a rhapsody against the miniscule tiles lining the sides of the container.

“Hear it?” She smiled. “That’s where I got my name.”

Sapphire Rhapsody is a character from the second book of my Bounty Hunter series, 2nd Kill. She’s an ARSA agent with enhancements that allow her to use the elemental signatures of precious and semi-precious stones to harness and manipulate energy. The first book of that series, First Hunt, is available now at Amazon. Sign on to be a beta reader or early reviewer and you can get the second book free.

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