Ever start a fire without a lighter?

That’s on my list of skills to learn once the current rains stop falling. Maybe in a survival fantasy, if the character had some sort of special skill, it would be realistic to think of getting a flame lit during the rain. Not so much for an ordinary person. I’d like to learn a few different methods:

  • hand drill, bow drill
  • using a magnesium striker
  • magnifying lens

Mostly the sorts of things I’m interested in learning are those skills you can apply when you don’t have a “bug out bag” or any other special collection of survival tools. I mean, what good is learning to use store-bought or pre-arranged tools, if you can’t survive without them? What if you forgot to bring them with you on the day you need them? That being said, the odds are much better if you do have on hand some essentials to make survival in dire situations more possible. At the very least, if the situation isn’t so dire, it’ll make matters more tolerable in a short term time of need.

Why not Call for Help?

What if you’re somewhere that has no cell phone coverage? That’s what it’s like where we live.

Why not just flag someone down?

What if where you are, no one has passed by in hours. Maybe it’s been days or months. There are places like that here where we live. If I’m on the mountain doing photography or just hiking and twist my ankle or get snakebit, I’ll be on my own for possibly a long time before someone even realizes they need to begin searching for me.

If I didn’t let someone know beforehand where I went, there are times when it could be days before anyone even knew I wasn’t at home.


Hi. My name is erthwitch and I live in a pretty wild area and write rural fantasy. It could also be called prepper fantasy, or survival fantasy, because I think the story lines would make fun reading for others who are interested in the nonfiction side of similar topics. Here’s what one reader said about the first book in my Bounty Hunter series, First Hunt:

“Enjoy the book, read it twice, you missed something the first time!” – verified Amazon purchase

Much of what I write is influenced by my interest in survival, homesteading and self-reliance. It’s also influenced in large part by nature.

Page Under Construction

I’m working on the content for this page. If you are a survivalist, prepper, homesteader, or are into self-reliance, please leave comments to give me some ideas of what brought you here. I’ll be taking excerpts from my fiction and expanding on the non-fiction things that gave me the idea to add it to my stories. Examples:

  • farkleberries
  • water from moss
  • cleaning a squirrel
  • wild comfrey for healing skin wounds
  • using native stone to build things like walls
  • native/wild medicinal plants

Survival, Homesteading, & Self-Reliance Blogs

Here’s a list of blogs on this topic that I like. Feel free to comment and let me know of yours or another you like, and I’ll add them to the list.

Survival Fantasy by Other Authors

Leave a comment to tell me which survival fantasy books you’ve enjoyed lately. I’ll start adding some to the list as soon as I can. I just read Arena One, but didn’t like it much. The other one I’m reading is being serialized on a survivalist forum I subscribe to. The story is called Seven Songs and I don’t think it’s published at Amazon yet, but it’s a good one, so keep an eye out for it.

Here’s mine:

Survival fantasy, rural fantasy, or dystopian. The cover for First Hunt, the first book in the Bounty Hunter series by Ima Erthwitch.