Treya’s first hunt is not what she expected. The whole world went a little sideways after the global collapse. Aside from the expected general mayhem caused when TEOTWAWKI finally struck, there were other unexpected problems. The fabric of the universe ripped and portals to other dimensions sprang from the rifts. Now the most-wanted criminals are hunted three times. Killed twice.

In this short dystopian fantasy novel, Treya signs on to be a bounty hunter with ARSA and has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. In a world where only the very privileged know any freedom, she’s glad to have a chance to get out of a servant life. But there’s more going on in the outside world than she’d ever imagined. There’s more to the world itself than most people suspect, and more than one world to know.

Set more than a decade after the collapse in the upper Buffalo River wilderness area in northwest Arkansas. Martial law is in effect and the government has secrets.  Perhaps it is the knowledge gained by the ARSA team that leads to their demise more than the karma. Luckily, Treya’s mentor has outside connections to a rebel stronghold guarding a portal deep in the hollers of the Ozarks. Together they might all be able to escape the system.

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4-Star Review from Long and Short Reviews – “… I really like the flow of the story. While the story sets up for follow-up sequels, the reader is not left with a bad taste in their mouth from an abrupt ending. In fact, the ending almost has a smooth transition into wanting to continue the journey without feeling forced or compelled. I highly recommend picking up a copy of First Hunt! This is a Science Fiction story that is not too far out from what could truly be!”

Fun, fast paced read! Leaves you ready for the next one!
By Becky Floyd on May 16, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
I started this book last night around bedtime intending to just read a chapter or two….annnd didn’t wanna put it down! 😃 Read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Finished it this morning. It’s really good!! 👌😍 Starts right off with a BANG..and leaves you wondering what’s going on and what will happens next. Set in the Ozarks, right where I live, the author paints beautiful pictures in your mind of all the places I know and love. ❤️ I’m impressed! A good read!


Great story and engaging characters – I look forward to reading more! This first book introduces us to two interesting characters living in a post-collapsed society; existence is dark and highly controlled but the main character retains her heart and spunk. Can’t wait to find out what comes next! – rlmb


The author of this book is truly amazing. Her story reaches deeper into the soul than many others. The characters are very realistic and they come to life in front of your eyes.
The “IT” in the story has hints of reality that is often untapped by most, yet is grasped by some.
Enjoy the book, read it twice, you missed something the first time! – on April 13, 2017

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