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First Hunt

First Hunt, Book One of the Bounty Hunter series by Ima Erthwitch

The whole world went a little sideways after the global collapse. Aside from the expected general mayhem caused when TEOTWAWKI finally struck, there were other unexpected problems. The fabric of the universe ripped and portals to other dimensions sprang from the rifts.

Treya signs on to be a bounty hunter with ARSA and has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. In a world where criminals are hunted three times each, bad karma builds fast. Sooner or later, the hunters become the hunted.

Set more than a decade after the collapse in the upper Buffalo River wilderness area in northwest Arkansas. Martial law is in effect and the government has secrets.  Perhaps it is the knowledge gained by the ARSA team that leads to their demise more than the karma. Luckily, Treya’s mentor has outside connections to a rebel stronghold guarding a portal deep in the hollers of the Ozarks. Together they might all be able to escape the system.

ISBN-13: 978-0996198189
ISBN-10: 0996198180


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