And you thought 100 words was short for flash fiction! Try Twitter fiction. With that, you only get 140 characters (or whatever space Twitter currently allots).

Welcome to my page about Twitter fiction.

What is #VSS365?

lately I’ve been enjoying #vss365, which stands for “very short story 365 days a year”. This takes place on Twitter. Every day @flashdogs  (this changes, as a new host is selected periodically) posts a word to use as the prompt. Some use it in the tweet, some just base the idea on the word. I don’t know if anyone else is writing a continuous story line or not, but I am.

Twitter Fiction by Ima Erthwitch (@wildozark)

Here’s the first tweet that kicked off my story and participation with #vss365. I’m not writing every day, but try to post most days. The hashtag word is the prompt for the day. If you click on it, you’ll see all the other tweets from everyone else who used it to come up with a vss.

Why stroke the flames when she could rouse the volcano instead? She’d leave more in her wake than a #trinket for remembrance. #vss365

And so the story starts. If you want to follow along with my story as I write it, I’m @erthwitch over at Twitter. Or if you just want to see what I have so far without having to scroll through my Twitter timeline, click the image below. Edit 021720: I have found it too tedious to maintain two twitter accounts, so I’m using my @wildozark account these days now. The old account is still there, just to keep the old tweets alive.

Twitter fiction by Ima Erthwitch
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