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Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Treya joins ARSA to become a bounty hunter, a profession with some rather odd guidelines. The targets are hunted three times, killing them twice, to force them into “grub stage”. However, since the dust settled after TEOTWAWKI, things are not normal with the world. Treya discovers she has skills that aren’t ordinary and there are rifts in the Universal fabric where portals have opened to other realms. Martial law is in effect and people have been herded into the cities precisely to keep them from finding the portals. Treya’s mentor knows more than he ought to, though, and he hopes to recruit Treya into seeing his side of the story.

Book 1: the First Hunt

First Hunt, Book One of the Bounty Hunter series by Ima ErthwitchSet in the rural northwest Arkansas Ozarks, where martial law is in effect and NATO occupies the country, where portals to alternate realities are being found and then hidden by the government, and criminals are hunted to “grub stage” by killing them three times to force them to lowest incarnation.

Treya doesn’t think things could ever get bad enough to stoop to working for the government, but it does. Not only has “life as we know it” ended, but it has changed in ways she can’t even imagine.

The second book of the trilogy, still in progress.

Book 2, in progress

Book 2: Second Hitย (in progress)
Book 3: Grub Stage (in progress, no cover yet)

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