grapevine photo that was the inspiration for Ima Erthwitch's 100-word flash fiction story titled "Grapevine".

If I had given more thought to the matter, to the infrastructure of this … arrangement … I might have avoided my current predicament.

The insidious creep disguised himself in the seductive beauty of light and form.

Then began the slow displacing of my own welfare, exchanged for the needs of another.

It seemed symbiotic initially. I got what I needed, he got what he needed and the vine that he had become produced very sweet fruit.

Only now, as the vine grows thick and cuts into my flesh, I question the wisdom of allowing myself to become the tree.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my 100-words. There’s more stories like this on this site! From any page, you can click “Flash Fiction” in the menu to see the list of the ones I have posted so far.

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