Order in Chaos

  Order in Chaos An audible #glow of cascading moonlight surrounded her. It emitted a siren call of come hither- never have I heard a more irresistible song. Together we disintegrated like hoar frost vaporized in the morning sun, becoming Chaos, Order, Everything and Nothing all at once. We lay quietly, gazing at stars. “Do […]

One Man’s Trash, a #vss365 #twitterfiction story

  One Man’s Trash I vented out loud as I tossed another rock. How can something be both blessing and #curse? “Easy,” the old man said. “It’s all about perception. Like treasure and trash.” He patted his ancient rock wall and nodded toward my rock pile to illustrate his point. “I spent a #fair bit […]


If I had given more thought to the matter, to the infrastructure of this … arrangement … I might have avoided my current predicament. The insidious creep disguised himself in the seductive beauty of light and form. Then began the slow displacing of my own welfare, exchanged for the needs of another. It seemed symbiotic initially. […]

Rousing the Volcano – Twitter fiction

  Rousing the Volcano is a Twitter fiction story by @erthwitch in response to the #vss365 prompt on Twitter by @flashdogs. To find out more about what these hashtag things mean, read my post about Twitter fiction. Rousing the Volcano Why stroke the flames when she could rouse the volcano instead? She’d leave more in […]