Ice snakes

Amy ordered ice cleats the other day.

We laughed about that.

She never goes outside. Not even in winter because there might be snakes.

Ice snakes come out in winter. They hide under the snow and you can’t see them at all until all you see are the little glassy red eyes.

By then it’s too late. It’ll have already bit you and if you don’t get the antidote within ten minutes, all the blood in your body will freeze right there in the veins.

But Amy forgot about all that when she ordered the cleats. She’ll remember soon enough.

Interesting note from science: It appears that a grass snake survived the European Ice Age. I wonder if it slithered about, giving scares to mammoth hunters? It was probably just as harmless then as it is now, but not everyone differentiates in their reaction to a snake. I happen to find all of them fascinating.

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