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The Curse of the Creative Mind

October 12, 2017 • erthwitch

Yesterday was a super-productive day for me, but boy it was hectic.

I had things to make and words to write.

Both wanted to be done at the same time.

Oh, if only I could make a clone of myself to do my creative bidding while I worked on other projects. But that could become dangerous if left unchecked, I suppose.

Anyway, I added another 879 words to chapter twelve of 2nd Hit. Sent chapter eleven out to the alpha/beta readers and received back some great responses.

Once I’d finished with my words I moved on to making some Acorn Folk. I have to make a lot more of these. They came out precious. But while I worked on gathering leaves, nuts, and twigs, I had urgent inspiration strike to add more words to the story I’d worked on earlier.

So I ran back inside with my bucket of botanicals and threw it down so I could hurry up and write the ideas before they evaporated into the ethers.

Ideas do that, you know. If I don’t do something with them to immortalize them when I get them, they’ll dissipate. Not a trace left to find again later anywhere. Drives me nuts. And therein lies the curse. I can’t possibly follow up on all the ideas I have. But I really really want to. Then there are household and business things that simply must be done, whether I want to do them or not, and that takes up time.

The curse isn’t so much that I have too many ideas, but rather that there isn’t enough time in one lifetime to follow through on them all. Not even enough time to do it for half. It’s only when I’m frazzled by wanting to do to much for the amount of time available that it truly bothers me.

Most of the time I consider this well of creativity to be a lifesource.

I’ll never, ever get bored.

Here’s pics of the Acorn Folk. These don’t have individual names. They’re fragile and I’m working on how to package them today. I’ll be putting some over at Tina’s Place on the Square in Kingston, and will bring some to market with me this weekend. Come out to see them if you get a chance ๐Ÿ™‚

Acorn Lady Reading, not suffering from any sort of creative curse. Acorn Lady Reading OOAK by Madison Woods

Acorn Lady Reading, not suffering from any sort of creative curse.

Acorn Folk taking it easy on the kitchen table this morning.

Acorn Folk taking it easy on the kitchen table this morning.


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