It’s not fair to say I’m not writing, but I didn’t today. Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I finished chapter 11 in 2nd Hit.

By the way, I want to come up with a better name for each of the titles, including the series name. “Bounty Hunter” doesn’t say much about the genre or the story. “First Hunt” needs some refining, too, and “2nd Hit” leaves out a huge chunk of what the story is about. And the covers definitely need work.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been working on lately when I’m not writing. Pixies for Wild Ozark. The first one is named Helga and she’s really rough looking. The second one is coming along better. Her name is still pending and I’m taking suggestions. I’m thinking “Annabelle”.

If you want to know more about the pixies, I have a post over at the Wild Ozark blog about them. This is really fun and creative work and I’ll probably keep building the collection. All the grandkids want a set of their own, so I have at least three more sets to make just for them. Each set takes a few days to create, though I hope to get more efficient with it as I figure out how to do them better.

Pixie #2 in progress
This is one of the things I do when I’m not writing. Pixie #2 in progress. Leave name suggestions in the comments!
Helga, Pixie #1, looking a little rough around the edges.
Helga, Pixie #1, looking a little rough around the edges.

All of this art isn’t necessarily wasted time nor procrastination. As I create these little things I’m coming up with a whole world for them. It’s world-building in 3-d. These pixies might, or very likely will be, characters in upcoming stories. I already have one story involving Ozark pixies, and ideas are gestating now for more.

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