Savor, a 100-word flash fiction story by Ima Erthwitch

The burn crept higher, rising from her root.  Her throat reddened.  Savvy dinner guests would have noticed.

Depending on the energetic pattern her gift took today, it would either give or take life. Heal or kill.

So today was a taking day.  Soon, she knew, the tremors would start. And once she crossed the threshold, nothing would stand in the way of release.

Silently, she willed them to get up and leave.


There was still time before it was too late. Part of her wanted them to escape.

She knew they wouldn’t.

That part of her savored the insight.

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my site. I hope you'll browse around a bit and find something you like. My genre is hard to define, but it's closest to urban fantasy. Except set in the rural world, for the most part. It's a blend of soft science fiction, fantasy, and in my current work, near-future post-collapse.

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