Chapter 1: A.R.S.A.

1| A.R.S.A. “ID, please,” a voice said from behind me. Of course. I knew better than to loiter. Ordinarily I would have noticed someone approaching. But today my nerves were on edge. My situational awareness lagged because I let the anxiety of what I was about to do take the lead. My name is Treya. […]

“No More Rachaels”: Chapter 20 from 2nd Hit

This is an excerpt from my wip (work-in-progress) 2nd Hit, the second book in the Renegade Agents of A.R.S.A. series. It’s first pass rough draft, so be kind. The first book in this series is available now at Amazon and on pre-order until April 1 everywhere else. 2nd Hit should be ready to publish before […]

The Taste of Witch Hazel

Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s word count: While I’d learned the names of many plants by helping my parents on cataloging expeditions, I didn’t know much about using them. DRSS said chewing twigs of witch hazel would help with any ill effects of the spring water … or did he say spicebush twigs? I pushed […]

Excerpt from Chapter 9 of “The First Hunt”

“The First Hunt” is the first book of my Bounty Hunter series. It’s set in northwest Arkansas. Most of book one takes place in the Ozark outback, away from the populated towns or cities. I’ve been working on revising and polishing the second draft and thought I’d post a little from today’s work. Let me […]