Your confirmation process is finished now.┬áThere won’t be many emails on this list, just whenever I have news to announce. If you signed up for the beta reader list, you’ll get the current work-in-progress chapter by chapter as I finish it, and the full manuscript after it’s all done.

The sort of feedback I need includes the following, but anything at all that you’d like to let me know about it will be appreciated!

  • parts that make you stop and re-read because you didn’t understand
  • inconsistencies
  • boring parts
  • sentences that are awkward
  • out of character behavior that have no logical reason for the behavior

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Thank you!

~ erthwitch

p.s. if you’ve read any of my books or stories, please leave a review at Amazon for me. Your voice and opinions are so important to me. It lets me know if I’m doing a good job or where I need improvement. I appreciate your comments more than you’ll ever know.