Going in Circles, a 100-word Flash by Erthwitch
PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll


Going in Circles

The third time in passing, there was no doubt. I recognized that tree.

A slab of scaly bark, one end snapped clean, curled away from the trunk. On our second pass I’d taken the missing piece.

I fished it out of my pocket for Misa.

“This is no use. We’re getting nowhere,” I said, showing her the bark.

She wrung her hands.

“Let’s drag a branch.”

“Why? Isn’t this proof enough that we’re going in circles? Let me help.” Her ineptitude would more easily get us killed than the discovery of my means. “I’ll be discrete. Promise.”

Defeated, she nodded.

This flash fiction story was written for the Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. You should know that my response to photo prompts rarely follows straight line trajectories. What I thought of when I saw the carnival ride had more to do with going in circles than the image as pictured.

If you’d like to join the fun of writing for this meme, use the link above to go to Rochelle’s page to find out more. Click through on the InLinkz mascot to read more stories like this, but probably much better! I’m out of practice with this very short form.

26 thoughts on “100-Word Flash: Going in Circles

  1. I like the matte-of-fact voice in this. It feels like part of a longer piece. We don’t know how the narrator is proposing to help or where the threat comes from.

  2. Dear Madison,

    What a pleasure to see you here! I love it that you’re rarely literal with the prompt. The perfect story, though. As for genre…a few times that genre tag has backfired on me when some participants think that they have to follow my lead. Nope, I tell them…just the photo prompt.



    • I really want to try and become more regular. I miss this fun. Heading out now to pay off some karmic debt in the form of reading and commenting 🙂

  3. So happy to see you here, Rox.
    I made a circle in the woods once. It’s a very unnerving feeling when you come upon a known marker and realize what just happened–sort of like being trapped in a maze.

    • I’m glad to dip my toes in these waters again, Russell, and glad to see you’re still here, too. I’ll be heading to your site today to see what laughs you’ve conjured.

  4. I’ve heard so much about you, Madison – so thank you for starting this addictive game…
    And I love how you went way outside of the box, I usually try to as well. Of course, except this time since it brought back a fond memory.,..

  5. Fun story. My wife and I rode horse for 18 years. Getting lost in the forest made for the best rides. I did not enjoy riding all that much, but I loved the adventure.

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