The beginning

I’m just going to start posting here as I work on this story. It’s the last in the series of two already completed. But I’m taking a different approach to the start of this one. And please keep in mind that this is the rough draft. I may add more, take things out, rephrase, etc.

For back-story, if you haven’t already read it, you should read my short story “No Qualms“. It’s free for e-readers (everywhere except Amazon, who won’t let me mark it to free), but if you want me to send you a PDF copy, just let me know.

The character point of view opening the third book is of Ledeir. She’s the main character in the short story I mentioned above.

After her introduction, Chapter 2 reverts back to Treya’s point of view and may stay there for the rest of the story. I don’t know. You’re getting to read it as I write it, and I may change things up again before it’s actually published in book format.

Chapter 1
Caught in the Act

I shrugged when I felt the presence of another person. Too late to act normal now.
“Speak to them while they’re sleeping, and you have a much better chance at being heard.” The young woman I spoke to snapped to attention as she realized I was no longer speaking to the tree and had now directed my attention to her. She was an unexpected presence in front of the tunnel entrance this crispy morning, and I hadn’t even seen her until just now. She was on my side of the tunnel.

“Really,” she said. It wasn’t a question, but a blatant statement of disbelief.
A little snort blew through my nostrils. I didn’t mean to react so audibly, but the timbre in her voice drew it out of me before I could rein it back in.

“Yes. Really.” With most people, it wasn’t worth the effort to explain. With this one, though …. The fact that she was even here was one good indication that it might be worth the effort this time.

She sucked in a deep breath and let it out. “Okay.” A few seconds pause. And then, “Why is that?”

Now. Now it was a question. Acknowledgment. A follow-up question. And that almost always meant the seeker would be responsive to hearing the answer. I turned slightly away and smiled. Just a little turn of the lips. It was much like that with the trees, too. In the beginning, I always had the sense that they looked away just a little and smiled before they answered me, too. And so I turned back to face her, and gave her the answer.

“Trees are curious while they’re sleeping.”

She laughed. A real, deep, belly laugh. I withdrew some of my enthusiasm a little bit, tucked it back into the safe space inside of me, and lost the glimmer of hope. Then she stopped laughing and stuck out her hand.

“Hi. My name’s Treya. I think you’re the person I’m seeking,” she said.
What a nice unexpected turn of the tide this cool and misty morning. The trees had indeed heard my whispers.

Chapter 2
Seeking Curare

I left Dersuss in a haze of anger and confusion. First of all, the anger. It was all-consuming. The confusion came in because I couldn’t figure out why.

To be continued…

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