I’ve had my head buried in product descriptions and ledgers this week. It’s tax time. Well, it’s been ‘tax time’ for a few months now and the deadline is looming. Hence my renewed dedication to getting it finished. I also have some Forest Folk I want to list on the Wild Ozark shop pages, but creating the product pages is tedious and time-consuming. The product photography is pretty dismal but I’m going forward with it anyway, just like it is, until I have time to do better later.

First Hunt is almost out of the KU program at Amazon. On April 1, the book will be available in most of the eBook retailers out there, including Apple and Kobo.

2nd Hit is getting close to done. Until I get the taxes finished, I probably won’t have much time to write on it, though. I haven’t even been doing my twitter fiction lines.

Have a great week and hit the like button to let me know if you were here! It gets lonely on this blog sometimes. I guess it doesn’t help that I don’t post very often, ha.

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