Photo to accompany Rock Telepathy

Rock Telepathy

For the lawn, turn to the rock.

He pointed to a large boulder.

It will hinder grass growth through telepathy. We do all the maintenance here through rock telepathy. It is hard work, but we’re suited for that, as you can see.

I don’t understand. How can a rock mow grass?

It doesn’t. The rock tells the grass to stop growing. So if you wait until the grass is tall, it’ll be next season before you’ll see results. This year you’ll have tall grass. Next year, tall dead grass. Unless you take up a sickle yourself.  New grass stays short.

2 thoughts on “Rock Telepathy

  1. Dear Ima,

    Does this concept work with housecleaning? Glad you’re back at fiction. Thank you for the nod. I didn’t realize when I linked to Friday Fictioneers nearly five years ago what a gift (and sometimes headache) you would pass on to me. Someday, perhaps, we can sit down and share some of your natural coffee. I’d love to tell you what a true life nightmare FF helped me through.

    Shalom and thank you,


    • I do wish the narrator would have stayed in that scene long enough to ask more questions. There are so many rocks here I could potentially have an army of workers at my disposal, if only I knew how to motivate them.

      I’d love to have coffee with you one day and will make sure to have some freshly roasted on hand whenever you’re ready to come out. Your story is bound to be interesting 🙂

      I’m glad to be back to the fiction. I’ve missed you all!

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