Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure “Your window is closing,” she said. “Why do you keep telling me that?” he replied. “I said I don’t care.” I have to. Full disclosure, you know. She slipped into thought transfer. “It doesn’t matter,” he said. She sighed. If you have any doubts, now is your last chance to leave. I need […]

Rock Telepathy

Rock Telepathy For the lawn, turn to the rock. He pointed to a large boulder. It will hinder grass growth through telepathy. We do all the maintenance here through rock telepathy. It is hard work, but we’re suited for that, as you can see. I don’t understand. How can a rock mow grass? It doesn’t. […]

Little Spells

Little Spells His hand trembled as he held the sealed vial to the window. I watched his face pale in the filtered sunlight as it illuminated the words on the tiny scroll. ”What is this?” he asked, handing it to me. He wanted me to lie. My little spells always made him nervous. His slight tremor […]

Handful of Trouble

Handful of Trouble And she thought a handful of baneberry would keep me at bay. Another one rolled from beneath the pile of cushions where she hid. White ones no less. I reached down and smashed one between thumb and forefinger where she could see it. A fresh round of muffled sniveling. “Do you really […]

So Many Doors

So Many Doors So many doors. Too many. Too many options and not one single hint. What is the world coming to? It’s not as if I can go door to door checking to see which one I want to take. No. Instructions said “only choose one”. That’s all. No clue. Not a hint as […]