The day must have finally arrived. WordPress has updated to Gutenberg. I hope this works better than the beta version I’ve been using over at the Wild Ozark website… it may be the theme I’m using there that is giving me so much grief, though.

We’ll see when it comes to saving this post. If it does so without losing the title and permalink to the post, then it’s working better 🙂

I’m very far behind on my anticipated finishing date for 2nd Hit. But I’ve not given up on it. I’m still writing, and in fact, just sent out the next chapter to beta readers. What I have given up on, is making projections, lol. So I won’t say how much longer I think it’s going to take me to finish. I just want you to know I’m working on it.

It’s been a busy year pretty much all year here. What have you been up to? Are you ready for the next year to begin? Several months back I went through my annual purge of the irons in the fire.

I thought that would help free up some time. Somehow that does not seem to be the case. I’m busier now than ever before! I think I’m beginning to catch up now, though. I want to spend time writing the book, working on art, and making paint. But I also want time to do things with my husband, be a grandmother to my grandkids, and to wander around with the camera again.  Maybe even ride the horses every once in a while.

One of the things taking up so much time is that I’ve been working on setting up my Etsy shop for the art. Designing the products, giving them all a cohesive ‘brand’ image in the packaging and listings has been time-consuming. I keep trying one thing after another and finally think I have a system now. So that will not take so much time in the future.

Anyway, just touching base and letting you know that Treya and DRSS are still alive in my mind, if not always on paper. 

Now. Lets go see if this post disappear when I hit the save button…

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