I know it took me forever. Hopefully the next book won’t take that long. But today I typed ‘The End’ on the second book in my three book series.

Look for it to be released on March 31 to Amazon and the other ebook retailers out there. Only Amazon will have the paperback, though.

But you can Pre-Order now 🙂 >> E-book ($2.99) or Get the Paperback now ($9.99)

I decided to go with the smaller sized paperback on this one. Let me know how you like that size if you decide to get one. They remind me of the old science fiction novels.

Thank you to my beta readers who pestered me between the long waits for chapters. You really helped motivate me to finish. I know it had to be frustrating for you.

2nd Hit, a sci-fantasy novel by Ima Erthwitch.Available for pre-order now!

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