Chapter 4 | Ledeir

There was a walk-through tunnel at the old Hobs Christopher State Park. The tunnel should still be there, but the area would be overgrown and deserted now. That tunnel is apparently a gateway portal, like the one I’d gone through at the Holding, when Asshole didn’t come to rescue me from the crazy prophet. A […]

Long Overdue

I haven’t posted since earlier this year. And I suppose that’s a good indication of how much attention my fiction writing hustle has been getting. Yeah, I’ve been slacking. While I haven’t been putting words on the screen, I’ve been painting and making paints, and trying to drum up some money selling art. Let’s just […]

Finally finished 2nd Hit!

I know it took me forever. Hopefully the next book won’t take that long. But today I typed ‘The End’ on the second book in my three book series. It’s available at Amazon and the other ebook retailers out there. Only Amazon will have the paperback, though. >> E-book ($2.99) or Get the Paperback now […]

Still writing

This is just a brief post to let you know that I’m still working on the next book in my Bounty Hunter series. I don’t have many readers of this blog… well, actually, I’m not sure if I have ANY readers, lol. Anyway, I finished chapter 8 and sent it out to beta readers the […]