This is just a brief post to let you know that I’m still working on the next book in my Bounty Hunter series. I don’t have many readers of this blog… well, actually, I’m not sure if I have ANY readers, lol.

Anyway, I finished chapter 8 and sent it out to beta readers the other night. Working on chapter 9 now. We’re about 10K words into 2nd Hit, and the target is 45K. So a long ways to go yet.

I’d like to write more often and more regularly. I’ll work on that. There’s just so much else going on in my Wild Ozark world that it’s hard to make the extra time. But isn’t that the case with any writer’s life? If I worked an outside day job, the issues would be the same. So I’ll try harder.

Books don’t write themselves, so I’m off to punch the keys on the other keyboard now 🙂

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my site. I hope you'll browse around a bit and find something you like. My genre is hard to define, but it's closest to urban fantasy. Except set in the rural world, for the most part. It's a blend of soft science fiction, fantasy, and in my current work, near-future post-collapse.

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