After another too long interruption, I’m back to attempting a daily wordcount. Today so far I’ve added 263 words to chapter 10 of 2nd Hit. I did those this morning and now that I’ve got supper simmering I think I’ll go add a few more. I have lots of excuses for not writing regularly, but mostly it’s that I’m trying to do too many things and I haven’t scheduled my writing time in to the mix of things.

Nothing at all got done on anything at all for the past two weeks though, because I was sick with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. If you’ve ever had it, you’ll know why nothing got done. If you’ve never had it, take my word for it, this is something you can do without ever experiencing. There might be something in the living through it that will make its way into my writing eventually, though.

I haven’t done any more “priestess” art lately, but I did get some nature art done. “Ginseng in October” was the latest. It’s over at the Wild Ozark blog if you want to see it. I have done some miniatures for my fairy gardens, mostly mushrooms. And I have some ideas I want to work on with the clay sculpting for the grandkids birthday gifts with a little playset of mushrooms and fairies.

Getting back to writing.
Getting back to writing.

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