One Man’s Trash, a #vss365 #twitterfiction story

  One Man’s Trash I vented out loud as I tossed another rock. How can something be both blessing and #curse? “Easy,” the old man said. “It’s all about perception. Like treasure and trash.” He patted his ancient rock wall and nodded toward my rock pile to illustrate his point. “I spent a #fair bit […]

The Curse of the Creative Mind

Yesterday was a super-productive day for me, but boy it was hectic. I had things to make and words to write. Both wanted to be done at the same time. Oh, if only I could make a clone of myself to do my creative bidding while I worked on other projects. But that could become […]

Back to writing

After another too long interruption, I’m back to attempting a daily wordcount. Today so far I’ve added 263 words to chapter 10 of 2nd Hit. I did those this morning and now that I’ve got supper simmering I think I’ll go add a few more. I have lots of excuses for not writing regularly, but […]

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